5 Recycling & Waste Collection Tips For Businesses

We all know how important it is to store the trash in the right way so it won’t make any damage to our environment. Still, it is a huge problem since it can be challenging. Also, it is not a rare case that people don’t follow the rules and throw all types of waste in the same bin.

If you want to raise awareness of ecology in your company, the best solution would be to start using commercial recycling containers and bins, which is a quite an efficient way to separate different types of waste.

The first step is to create a waste disposal strategy for your business and provide all people with instructions where the focus would be on reduction, proper storage, and recycling. Here are some tips that will help you improve the recycling and waste collection process.

1. Try To Reduce Waste

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Even though many products can be recycled or are biodegradable, it will be much easier to deal with waste management when there is simply less trash. There are three important factors to consider here. First of all, replace some of the current products with new ones. For example, if there is a coffee machine with plastic cups, you can consider replacing it with some eco-friendly option, like Styrofoam.

You can create a meeting with all people in your company and speak more about this topic and explain to everyone why it is so important to become more aware of the impact that plastic and other artificial products are having on our environment. The reduction of other products can be a good idea as well. For example, there is no need to use a lot of paper and various office equipment when you can operate online.

Therefore, instead of demanding reports and various charts, documents, and other papers in traditional form, you can start using a platform where your workers can communicate and share valuable data. Moreover, there is a simple way to reduce waste, and you can do that by telling people to use their ceramic or glass cups, along with other products that can be used all the time.

2. Use Different Types of Bins

It will require a clear plan when it comes to storing waste in the right way. It won’t be enough to simply use a large container outside where people can throw everything together. The point is to be more responsible about the trash and how it can impact nature.

For example, mixing food leftovers with paper and other waste products can lead to different problems since it will attract small animals, bacteria, and more. Also, if you are operating with chemicals and different dangerous ingredients, they must be stored safely. Therefore, the key is to use bins with separate categories for recyclable, non-recyclable, and toxic waste.

You can add even more categories to that. For instance, separating plastic, metal, and glass. It is all about awareness and responsibility. Companies that are ordering catering for their workers can find some safe shelter for homeless people, and give them the remaining food instead of throwing it away.

3. Outsource The Waste Management

There are different services that you can find today that will install special bins in your company and collect the waste every day. This is one of the best solutions. Also, the problem for bigger companies can be the fact that even though there are clear instructions, some people simply won’t follow them all the time.

When that lasts for a longer time, it can lead to various problems. On the other hand, when you are using the service, issues like the appearance of toxic waste in the bin for glass, or food leftovers mixed with papers and other materials will be quickly separated and collected.

4. Be More Responsible

This is the key to creating proper waste management in your company. The main point is to provide all people with clear instructions and explain to them why it is so important to change some of their habits.

It is not only about throwing the trash in the right bin, but also about finding a way to reduce the amount of waste by focusing on reusable products. In that matter, determine the current situation in your company, and find the main sources of increased waste. It depends on the industry where you are active.

For example, it won’t be the same if you are a manufacturer of some products or an IT company. There will be more waste in the first case, which will require strict rules when it comes to the depositing of waste. On the other hand, standard office jobs can also improve by implementing new strategies where the focus will be on the reduction of paper, reusable tools, and proper segregation of different types of waste.

5. Introduce The New Plan

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As we already mentioned, simply putting in new types of bins won’t solve all of your problems. It will be important to provide clear instructions for each of your employees. For example, if you are manufacturing some goods, the key is to order people where and how to store the waste.

This can also apply to typical office jobs. Before you start with the implementation of this strategy, you will need to evaluate the current situation and habits of people in your company. If you notice that a lot of them are using non-recyclable products like plastic cups, or if they are ordering food every day that will come in plastic packages, the solution might be to create a separate area like the kitchen where they can use ceramic, glass, metal, and other reusable products.

Last Words

As you can see, even though there are some challenges when it comes to creating more efficient waste management, that can be easily resolved by implementing a new strategy that will involve the focus on recycling, separating different types of products, and reduction of waste that cannot be recycled and that can be toxic to the environment.