Don’t Let FRP Cost Fool You: Washable Panels Are a Better Wall Covering in The Long Haul

FRP’s low cost has been fooling entrepreneurs for a longest time. Their initial cost seems attractive, but they might blow a hole in your pocket in the long run. Apart from expensive installation, FRP wall boards have higher maintenance costs and include expensive repair and replacement charges. However, builders and business owners who have trusted Duramax’s washable panels have seen that they are economical in the long haul. Besides, they also save 40% on Labor and 50% on material costs.

People can experience the most vinyl panels, especially in wet and humid interiors. Their waterproofing abilities prevent the wall surface from fading away or undergoing delamination. In addition, the premium-graded panels are precisely cut for a seamless interlocking finish and acostre all quality-tested. Here are some reasons why you should switch to PVC and not trust the FRP.

PVC Washable Panels Save 40% on Labor and 50% on Material Cost


The FRP walls board and PVC installation procedures have a stark difference. While the FRP board includes backers and adhesives, calling for professional help. PVC panels can be fixed on the walls using invisible screws and fasteners. The need to look around for an expert installer is high in PVC FRP owing to the complexities involved in the procedure. Leaving aside your business as searching for an experienced mechanic becomes stressful for every entrepreneur. This is where Duramax’s plastic panels come into the picture. The interlocking tongue and groove mechanism makes their installation quick, simple, and hassle-free. With a professional laborer, however, you can get the job done within 7-8 hours.

Truss Technology-Made Plastic Panels Protect the Walls from Moisture-Attack

FRP panels are vulnerable to moisture attack, humidity, and condensation. Moisture can easily penetrate the wall surface through cracks. But the non-porous plastic panels don’t allow moisture or water to settle on their surface, thereby preventing mold and mildew formation in the long term. They further discourage bacterial infestation and contamination, promoting a disease-free and healthy environment.

Low-Maintenance Panels Don’t Demand Rigorous Scrubbing or Toxic Cleaners


One of the most amazing benefits of installing mold-free washable wall board panels on your commercial walls is that they are easy to maintain. The bright seamless surface doesn’t attract moisture or dirt, looking spotlessly clean for years. Additionally, the white panels don’t turn yellow despite prolonged exposure to moisture and water. Using simple cleaning solutions and damp cloth wiping, one can keep the panels clean and shining for years. Unfortunately, the FRP panels have rough and edgy surfaces, making maintenance challenging for every busy entrepreneur. They must regularly scrub the panels and count on toxic chemical cleaning solutions to get rid of the stubborn dirt and mold.

Light-Reflective Wall Covering Save You Electricity Cost

Apart from all other costs, the electricity bill is the most difficult to manage, especially if your business has excessive lighting requirements. Commercial places like dog kennels, food processing units, meat packaging facilities, hospitals, commercial kitchens, breweries, and grow rooms demand sufficient lighting for a seamless operation. However, putting up with the lighting requirement requires you to think beyond your budget or bust or lifelong savings.

If you find a way out, installing a light-reflective panel is a solution. The bright panels can evenly distribute the natural light across the space, keeping your business well-lit. They also make your commercial area look more spacious than before.

Sturdy Panels Don’t React to Chemicals, Oil, Spills, or Impacts


The constant movement of people, food trolleys, medicine carts, equipment, and machinery is inevitable inside the heavy-duty commercial kitchen, basements, restaurants, commercial kitchens, and car wash units. Such movements can impact the walls and bend them forever, eventually prompting entrepreneurs to either replace them or get them fixed. But the impact and abuse-resistant panels stand through every abuse. Besides, they also make for an ideal wall cladding solution inside the commercial kitchen and wash garage spaces, mostly because of their stain-resistant property. As a result, no amount of oil or food spillage can leave any mark on the panels and turn them unaesthetic.




Duramax’s light-reflective panels can even save you on transportation costs. Furthermore, the easy-customizable PVC sheets are vastly used across different commercial sectors for their impressive lifespan of 100 years, which is 4-5 times longer than FRP.