25 Great 17th Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend That Will Astound Them – 2024 Guide

If you use this list as a guide, coming up with 17th birthday gift ideas for best friend won’t be as challenging. These wonderful present suggestions will make your best friend shriek with delight. The gifts you pick out and offer them will help them remember their 17th birthday, which is a significant milestone. So, take your time and enjoy discovering, picking out, and purchasing the ideal gift.

However, it can be challenging for you to choose the ideal present for teens because they don’t always express their wants clearly. Rather than making random gifts, find something that will make them scream and shout with delight.

The 17th birthday gift ideas from giftomg.com listed below are ideal for teenagers because they love to follow the latest trends. We have selected the ideal presents for teenagers, who will fall asleep in happiness. Look through the selection to find the ideal present for your bestie!

17th Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend

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1. Turtle Beach Recon 50X Gaming Headset

Many gamers find it enjoyable to converse with their friends while they play. So that your best friend, who is 17 years old, can concentrate on their game, this headset is designed to block out background noise. It is also designed to work with the majority of gaming platforms. He may play for hours in complete comfort thanks to the stylish, light ear cup design with synthetic leather ear cushions. He would undoubtedly appreciate this excellent present.

2. Amazon Essentials Men’s Hooded Fleece Sweatshirt

Every teen’s outfit needs to have a basic hoodie. With fleece construction for additional warmth and comfort, this pullover hoodie is available in 25 different colors for your closest friend. He will be delighted to get this thoughtful gift, which he may wear on numerous occasions. Teenage boys look forward to this model because of how widely applicable hoodies are.

3. Basics Hardside Luggage

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Your best friend will love how convenient a little suitcase is. He or she will be inspired to travel more in the future by this gift. It is also ideal for taking your best friend on a long birthday or vacation. At the age of 17, your best friend can learn more through some trips thanks to your kind gift.

4. L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Black Charcoal Detox Face Mask

Teenagers should begin with relaxing and gentle facials. This gift serves as a reminder to your closest friend to take care of his or her skin at this prime age in order to enhance shine. It is made to clear congestion and remove impurities without drying out the skin. With this useful gift, you can participate in a lively birthday celebration for your closest friend and add a relaxing spa birthday activity. It’s a wise concept!

5. New Balance Men’s 373 Core Sneakers

If you’re stuck for ideas, sneakers are terrific 17th birthday gift ideas for best friend. The New Balance name is well known, and the style is well liked. These shoes go with many of your best friend’s dress choices and can be worn every day. It is woven and carefully designed to provide fashion to the wearer. There are many colors available, including black, white, gray, and more.

6. Dr. Martens Unisex-Adult 1460 Lace-Up Boots

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The Dr. Martens 1460 Lace-Up Boots got their name because they were born on April 1, 1960. Over the past 60 years, D.M. 8 eyes 1460 has gained notoriety. For a fine finish, these shoes are made of leather and fabrics. Dr. Martens’ Goodyear welds are heat sealed at 700 °C and reinforced with their recognisably welded seam. Any teen girl wants to own something with a modern design.

7. Maybelline New York Lifter Gloss

This is a fantastic gift if your closest friend enjoys a natural look but has a habit of wearing makeup. Lip gloss thickens and moisturizes lips, giving them a larger appearance. When she is attending school or hanging out with friends, soft colors make her appear more attractive and youthful. One of the most anticipated 17th birthday gift ideas for best friend is this one.

8. Gostwo Leather Small Wallet

Many teenage girls would adore this practical present due to its simple style and pretty color. They have a convenient location for some cash and lovely cards. This is a lovely small item that suits teenagers who prefer to travel lightly very well. The wallet’s various high-quality cowhide leather designs offer durability and a lovely appearance. This is undoubtedly among the most well-liked 17th birthday gift ideas for your best friends.

9. Wellwits Women’s Keyhole Mesh Bell Dress

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She will appear softer and more feminine than ever in a lovely dress. She looks charming but no less sophisticated thanks to the bell sleeves and knee-length design. You may entirely fill it out with a skirt if you want to convert it into a full dress. You can freely select from a range of colors and material designs for your best friend.

10. BaByliss Curl Pro 210 Tong

Give her this useful item so she can have lovely, bouncy hair. Every time she leaves the house with gorgeous hair, this device is a great boost for her. Many young girls find this device to be great because it operates easily and keeps the hair bouncy for the longest period of time. You may choose the ideal temperature for your hair from a wide range of options.

11. Unicorn Charm Bracelet with Card Box

Rhinestones and unicorns are used to decorate this silver charm bracelet. The bracelet also has a number pendant that you may select to fit your best friend. For instance, pick number 17 if you want to give your best friend this stunning bracelet for your 17th birthday. To complete the item’s beauty, a pink box and a gift card are also included. She can add sophistication and elegance by wearing this bracelet.

12. Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips

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Another present will dazzle any beauty-savvy friend. Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lip Balm helps maintain moisture on the lips for a long time. This gift gives her lips an immediate softening and soothing effect, making them appear healthier. It also smells quite nice, with notes of rose, vanilla, and red berries. She can bring it anywhere with ease thanks to its small size.

13. 6 PCS Set Cute Cartoon Animal Cactus Flower Pot

These cute pots with animal themes will appeal to plant lovers. They will receive adorable Corgis, Pugs, Schnauzers, Husky Dogs, and cartoon pandas in these shapes. With this sweet, unique present, they can satisfy their passion for caring for lovely newborn plants. Additionally, the exquisitely crafted potted plants will uplift their spirits and increase their love of life.

14.  Reffeer 925 Sterling Silver Earrings Huggie

There is never too much jewelry for them. Your best friend will be delighted by a special pair of tassel earrings and a drop-bead necklace in size 10. This is a duo that goes well with both their casual and formal attire. This model is adorable, but she also has a sophisticated, opulent appearance. The value of jewelry in terms of time will help your best friend create priceless memories.

15. KMMIN Waterproof AirPods Case Cover

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Giving your closest friend a chic box to store their earphones in for their 17th birthday is not a bad idea. This silicone case is available in a variety of colors to fit their preferences. Airpods are becoming more and more popular among teens, making the stylish AirPods case one of the best presents for them. As long as you select the appropriate color, this present is appropriate for both teenage boys and girls.

16. Dr. Brinkmann Unisex 600355 Clogs

For many boy students, the Dr. Brinkmann Unisex clogs style has recently become rather popular. Many teenage boys choose it because of its practical design and ease of usage. It is appropriate for your loved one and comes in a range of colors, giving you more options for your present. The leather design and light sole keep him comfortable as he walks.

17. Circus by Sam Edelman Women’s Deana Loafer

Your stylish girl best friend will be thrilled when you surprise her with these chic shoes because she may have been longing for a pair of Deana Loafers. You can pick from a wide selection of exquisite patterns and colors while purchasing them. Besides, every stride is made more comfortable thanks to the padded sole. She can look more sophisticated and refined by wearing these shoes with a variety of clothes.

18. New Era Replica Core Classic Twill 9TWENTY Adjustable Hat Cap

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Give this kind of fantastic hat to your best friend. This is a very good gift idea for those who have an energetic and youthful nature. This gift is essential for 17th birthday gift ideas for best friend because of how basic but practical it is. The color blue makes it easy for him or her to match a variety of vibrant and fashionable clothing.

19. WOONKIT Purple Wall Collage Kit Aesthetic Pictures

A popular trend is making monochrome wall collages. Teenagers will undoubtedly adore and delight in this remarkable trend. They have everything they need to complete this collection of murals in order to attain the required aesthetic. Teenage girls’ bedrooms will look more bright and vibrant with purple. Additionally, this is the trendy style they are looking for, so they will love receiving this present.

20. 17th Birthday Card for Girls

There is nothing better than sending your best friend this gorgeous card with the kind things you wish to say to them on their 17th birthday. She will grin when she receives this card and on her birthday, thanks to the original, colorful design. It is printed on environmentally friendly boards that were especially obtained. Simple things like this can make her feel warm and satisfied.

21. Personalized 17th Birthday Car Tax Disc Pendant

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Personalized presents frequently give the receiver greater emotional and special value. Check out this personalized gift if you have any fascinating suggestions for your closest friend’s impending 17th birthday. The personalized 17th birthday car tax disc pendant is pretty special. You can provide the seller with details like your name and birthdate so that they can create a highly appealing product.

22. Small Shoulder Bag

This bag will go with all of the outfits worn by stylish teens. The shoulder bag is the ideal option for carrying all the necessities that give her a fashionable appearance. This small shoulder bag has a cloud and dumpling design on it. It is made of pleated leather, which gives it a trendy look. She can use it every day and in every situation to boost her confidence.

23. Women’s Fuzzy Slippers

Any 17-year-old who enjoys relaxing at home would love these slippers. She will be pleased to get this useful gift for her 17th birthday. It has a similar warmth and solace as the emotion you show for your best friend. She will undoubtedly feel satisfied and charmed by this stylish design.

24. 17 Birthday Crown

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She will be the queen of her 17th birthday party thanks to this crown bearing the number 17. This modest gift has the potential to make her very happy. Its design, which features several shimmering stars, gives the 17-year-old atmosphere. Additionally, a sash strip with the phrase “It’s my 17th birthday” is present. She might easily become the star of a birthday party with all of these presents.

25. 17th Birthday Mug Gift

This mug is pretty special and appropriate if you’re seeking humorous mugs for your best friend to celebrate his 17th birthday. He or she will laugh for sure. It has the intriguing lines “6209 days old – But who’s counting! – Happy 17th birthday” done in glossy porcelain. This gift will serve as a keepsake to commemorate your best friend turning 17. Surely, they will value it.


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Our list of 17th birthday gift ideas for best friend is the result of extensive research. Your best friend will definitely enjoy these gifts. Select a present that you believe is the most appropriate for them to give on their approaching 17th birthday!