6 Key Requirements for a Successful UK Fiancé Visa Application

In front of each of us in life there are many opportunities that we can take advantage of. First of all, there is an opportunity to meet a partner with whom you will spend your life and with whom you will spend all the beautiful moments together. But there is also an opportunity to get certain benefits for both partners from living together. Some of them are mutual care and support, but sometimes there is also an opportunity to get benefits such as a UK fiance visa, especially if your fiance or you have that opportunity. There are a few key requirements that you need to meet to be eligible for a UK fiancé visa. If you can meet these requirements, your application will be much more likely to be successful.

Are you interested in moving to the United Kingdom and marrying your fiancé? If so, you will want to make sure that you meet the minimum requirements for a marriage visa in UK. These requirements may seem difficult at first, but if you can meet them, your application will be much more likely to be successful.

A UK fiancé visa is a type of visa that is designed for foreign nationals who are planning to marry a British citizen. To qualify for a UK fiance visa, you must meet certain eligibility criteria. Are you wondering what the key criteria are that you need to meet to be able to take advantage of this opportunity? We talk more about it in the sequel, so read us to the end and find out the most important things. Let’s get started!

1. First of all, you need to have been together for a minimum of 6 months, but ideally, at least 2 years and your partner has UK citizenship

Source: familylaw.co.uk

The first thing that you must fulfill in order to be fully eligible for a fiancé visa, is to be together with your partner for a minimum of 6 months in order to be eligible for the system to grant this type of visa. It is best to be together for at least 2 years to be able to use this right which is due to you through your partner. Let’s not forget that we are talking about a visa that can only be granted to people who have a partner from the UK who also has citizenship from this country. So make sure you meet this requirement and move on to the next requirement.

2. It is important to have evidence that your relationship is genuine

In order to have a better chance of getting this visa, and also to be more convincing in the process, it is important to have evidence that would show that you and your partner are really together. What could it be? It could be photos from your trip, it could be joint documents, then proof of residence, it could even be proof of a marriage concluded in another country, or photos of the conclusion of that marriage. All these pieces of evidence only lead to a safer process and a higher probability that the visa will be yours.

3. Proof that you have a stable monthly income

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Another thing that could be a serious improvement in the process of obtaining a fiance visa is the submission of evidence of an excellent financial situation, that is, a sustainable situation in terms of cash inflows. This shows the UK visa authorities that you have no financial benefit from the marriage, i.e. you have no plans to go to the UK for any money-making benefit. All of that will bring you closer to the process and give you a freer hand and the possibility to succeed in getting the fiancé visa that you could get precisely because of your partner.

4. You also need to submit a confirmation that you have accommodation

One of the criteria that can seriously improve your position in terms of the process of obtaining a fiance visa is to show that you have accommodation. You need to provide proof of a booked hotel or provide proof that you will be staying with a relative, friend, or acquaintance in the UK. You might not be able to succeed in this yourself, but your fiance or one of the experts who can mediate for such purposes can help you. Do not forget, this point is very important for obtaining a fiance visa.

5. Proof of a booked wedding date if you haven’t already and will be having it in the UK

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If you are already in the process of having a wedding with your fiancé, in that case, it is good to get proof of this ceremony as well. All that is required is to print out the document from the event center where you will have your wedding and submit this document. In that way, the officials will know that there is a wedding going on between you and your partner who is otherwise a UK citizen, so you will have a better chance of getting a visa which is automatically due to you (if you meet all the conditions ) through your fiance.

6. Any additional evidence is a plus in the whole procedure

If you think you have any additional documentation that will prove that you are married to your partner solely because you are in a love relationship and that is exactly why you are applying for a fiancé visa or if you have any other evidence that could strengthen the whole procedure, then it would be of great importance that you submit it. Why? That way you will surely be in a better condition regarding the procedure and you will be able to get the visa more likely.


There are certain things that you need to fulfill. We have presented all those things that are important to you in this article. It is up to you to comply with all that is required by the UK authorities and the laws of the country in order to simply and quickly obtain your fiancee visa which is of great value and meaning to both you and your partner.