4 Ways To Win In Tongits

Tongits is a popular card game among Filipinos. People play the game in any small town or street. Moreover, things can get lively depending on what is at stake. As it evolved through the years, playing tongits online is possible. Players can now connect with anyone online and test their skills. However, what are the ways to win in tongits?

Depending on the game format, there are four ways to win. The catch is that players should time their cards right. If one does it too late or early, their win doesn’t count. It is also why players practice the game to win on their terms.

Here are four ways to win in tongits.

1. Empty All Cards In The Stock

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This is the most common way to end the game. It happens when a player draws the last card in their turn. This applies to local and online games like Tongits go. When there are no cards left, the final score tallies. For example, an Ace card has one point, and numbered cards retain their value. Because of this, landing an Ace card secures you a win. Players must be sharp in getting the lowest possible card, determining the result.

2. Say “Tung-it!”

Saying “Tung-it!” is another way to win. However, players must meld or discard their cards to say it during their turn. Saying the word doesn’t count when it is not your turn to play. If another player says it before you, they get the win, thus ending the game. Therefore, players must be vigilant at every move everyone makes.

3. Do A Draw

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Despite its name, you can win with a draw. It only applies when you have a few cards on your hands. The catch is you must ensure that they are the lowest-valued cards. During your turn, you can call “Draw.” It is important to do this if no player melded your cards. When your turn is up, you must wait again until no player has played on one of your melds.

After calling a draw, other players have two choices: concede or challenge. If you concede, the game ends. If you choose to challenge, players can show their remaining cards and tally the final results. As per the rules, the one with the lowest score wins.

4. Create A Double Hit

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Getting a double hit is similar to a practice in Mahjong. When a player melds and sets their cards after a dealer discards them, it counts as a win. However, the player should not draw nor discard the cards. If they do it right, the player wins, and all wagers go to the winner.

With this approach, you might think of it as a strategy for poker. Since tongits uses a 52-card deck, it is no  wonder that some game mechanics intersect. It can ensure a win or a loss.

Wrapping Up

Winning in tongits involves strategy and timing. Players must think fast for their next moves once the dealer discards the cards at the start. Depending on the timing, players can say “Tung-it!”, empty the stock, call a draw, or get a double hit. However, the final results rely on the lowest score. In short, playing your cards right ensures a win.

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