Renewable Energy in Texas: 5 Interesting Facts to know

Renewable energy is an increasingly popular solution for meeting the needs of a growing population and providing reliable sources of power to Texans. With increasing environmental awareness and government policies to support the use of clean energy, the state has seen considerable progress in its ability to generate electricity from renewable sources.

Gexa Energy, a leading energy provider, is dedicated to providing its customers with green electricity plans that are good for the environment, so you can switch to using green energy and start savings on your electric bill. To better understand how this state is a vanguard in finding smart solutions for our electricity needs, it’s important to learn some interesting facts about renewables in Lone Star State.

Interesting Facts about Renewable Energy in Texas


From wind turbines to solar panels, the state has some of the most cutting-edge renewable energy technologies. Here are some interesting facts about renewable energy in Texas that you may not know:

  1. Texas is home to roughly 25% of all installed US wind capacity and generates nearly 19% of all US electricity from wind – more than any other state by far!
  2. The state is also on track to become one of the leading solar energy markets in the next few years with substantial investments being made each year.
  3. More than 1.5 million homes are powered by solar panels in Texas, and it is estimated that this number will grow exponentially as more incentives for rooftop installations becomes available in the future.
  4. Renewable energy sources accounted for approximately 10% of all electricity generated in Texas during 2019, making it one of the leading renewable energy states in the country when considering total power generation from renewables.
  5. The retail value of electricity generated from renewable resources topped $1 billion annually between 2015-2019, proving that investing in renewable sources can be an expensive endeavor but also significantly beneficial to both businesses and individuals alike!

Recent Developments


Solar energy is one of the most common types of renewable energy employed by Texans. A number of large-scale solar projects are currently under development around the state, including several that would generate hundreds of megawatts of electricity for Texas’ growing population. Additionally, numerous homes and businesses rely on rooftop solar panels to power their day-to-day operations and help reduce their environmental footprint and reduce energy bills.

The state has also seen great gains in wind technologies, with Texas consistently leading all other states in terms of total installed capacity. As wind turbines become more efficient and increasingly capable of generating power on large scales, many new wind farms are being developed around the state. Texas is home to some of the largest wind farms in North America and continues to invest heavily in new and improved turbine technology.


Lone Star State offers a range of incentives for those who choose to invest in clean energy solutions like home solar panels or smart thermostats which can help you save money while being eco-friendly. With increased public awareness and continued action from the state legislature, Texans are proving they are committed to transitioning toward clean energy sources while still maintaining their economic prosperity.