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Una chica explicó cómo está peleando la anorexia a través de Instagram

28/08/2015 16:35 hs
Amalie Lee contó su fuerte historia de vida dando un mensaje de aliento. ¡No te lo pierdas!

Amalie Lee tiene 20 años, vive en Londres y en una etapa muy difícil de su vida atravesó una terrible enfermedad como la anorexia. En su cuenta de Instagram hoy se la puede ver sana, comiendo facturas, panqueques, chocolates y cosas ricas en calorías ya que todavía debe ganar peso.

Todo comenzó en el 2012 y tardó un año hasta ir a un hospital a pedir ayuda. "Atravesé una fase depresiva a mitad de mis 20", explicó según informa NYPost.

También explico que su anorexia nunca se trató de lucir como una modelo, sino que estaba profundamente deprimida.

En su cuenta de Instagram se la puede ver consumiendo alimentos ricos en calorías ya que debe consumir 3000 por día.


I live in maxi skirts these days

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2013 vs 2015. Anorexia did not just randomly "let me go", and vanished by itself. I let go of anorexia, and it was not easy. Stop waiting for a perfect future moment when you are ready to recover, because life is what passes by whilst you waste your time waiting. Start NOW. There is no perfect recovery, perfect meal plan, perfect weight gain. You have to eat, sometimes you feel like you are exploding, expanding into infinity and loosing control, but you are not. By allowing yourself to heal you are IN control. Eating a whole chocolate cake by yourself because your body is so goddamn desperate after all the restriction, is actually GOOD, both for body and mind. We live in a society that labels calories as something negative, but that is not right! Calories allow your heart to beat and your hair to grow. Without calories, there is no recovery or life. Calorie is a term for energy, everything around you is energy, calories are your bodies energy, just like electricity for a light bulb and battery for your phone Sometimes, when it hurts, it means you are doing something right. I sincerely believe there is hope for every eating disorder sufferer. The brain ghosts (as @fightthepoop nicely names it) will haunt you at times after the recovery process is gone, but those thoughts are not dangerous unless you turn them into actions. The screaming ED voice will gradually give up when it sees that you don't obey, and it will eventually turn into occasional whispering. IT GETS BETTER #realcovery

Una foto publicada por REDEFINING HEALTHY (@amalielee) el

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