Why You Need a DUI Lawyer

Humans are prone to making mistakes, but some are more severe and costly. DUI means driving under the influence, which can attract significant charges without proper representation.

The first thing to do when hit with a DUI charge is to contact a certified DUI lawyer. These experts have experience handling various DUI charges and come up with the best defense, thanks to their analytical thinking.

Below we discuss the main reasons you should hire Trey Porter as your lawyer.

They Know the Legal System

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Undoubtedly, you should hire a DUI lawyer because they are familiar with the legal system. These professionals understand the system in-depth and will develop the best defense to get you a lighter sentence.

These professionals are also familiar with the judges and magistrates, which might be helpful during your trial.

Reduced Sentencing

DUI charges have hefty sentences, ranging from one hundred days in jail to a fine of up to $1000. Accused persons must also serve at least twenty hours of community service.

This sentencing becomes harsh as you accumulate more DUIs, but you can have them eliminated by hiring an attorney.

License Retrieval

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Most accused people get their licenses revoked, but this depends on the number of DUI charges and the severity rate. Most states give verdicts depending on how many convictions the accused has had over the last five years.

A license revocation can have a massive impact, primarily if you depend on driving to reach your workplace. Fortunately, accused people can have a reduced sentence by hiring a professional DUI attorney.

These professionals take their clients through the reinstatement process, meaning they can return to the road as soon as possible.

The Record Can be Eliminated from Your Profile

Most people think their DUI charge will disappear after sentencing, which is not the case. This charge stays on the accused’s record for years, and the only way to eliminate it is via record restriction.

It is advisable to hire a DUI lawyer while the case is pending, as they have a high chance of preventing the arrest from being part of your record.

They make the Situation Less Stressful

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Getting charged with a DUI is stressful, and you might not think clearly during the court proceedings. This is mainly because this charge attracts hefty penalties, especially if you decide to represent yourself.

However, you will be more confident if you have a seasoned attorney by your side and have time to handle other things. Getting a case dismissal is challenging unless you work with a renowned attorney.

They Save Time and Money

One of the main highlights of hiring an experienced DUI lawyer is they save you time and money. These lawyers might get your case dismissed, which in turn, saves you money.

Final Thoughts

DUI charges are common within the United States, with over two million cases reported yearly. The above article has discussed why you should hire the best DUI lawyer, and you can reach out for more information.