What Are the Qualities of a Good Lawyer?

A lawyer is an individual who practices law, and their roles differ majorly in various legal jurisdictions. Lawyers can be categorized as attorneys or advocates, each with different privileges and functions.

However, not all lawyers are the same, which explains why you must consider various things before hiring one. Besides intelligence, a good lawyer should communicate well and be persuasive in court.

Below we discuss the main qualities of a good lawyer.


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As stated above, one of a lawyer’s most important qualities is having excellent communication skills. Lawyers should have excellent verbal and written communication skills for high success rates.

Good communication enables the jury and client to get the lawyer’s argument, significantly affecting the result. Check out cannabis law solutions for the best deals.

Drafting Skills

A good lawyer should have excellent drafting skills; these individuals should articulate the issue properly, represent their customer’s stances, and develop notices that support their defense. The logic outlined in the draft should be coherent and complement the attorney’s oration skills.

Good Research Skills

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Undoubtedly, one of the main highlights of a good lawyer is excellent research skills. A successful lawyer should have different research approaches to enable them to become successful in a case.

Research creates an important part of your argument, and it is hard to win unless you prepare adequately. Legal research entails citing different authorities, precedent referrals, and applying legislation to the current issue.

Analytical and Logical Thinking

Besides good research skills, a good lawyer should be an analytical thinker. Remember logic plays a crucial part in an argument, making it a key consideration. Logic is needed in the law field, as the lawyer should be able to develop arguments and connect dots during the trial.


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Confidence is an important skill every lawyer should possess. These individuals should look confident when talking to their clients or presenting a case for better results. Confidence will reassure your customers about their case status while compelling the argument.


Empathy is a crucial trait every lawyer should have. Good attorneys empathize with their customers, a character that stems from credibility. Avoid attorneys who empathize with their clients, as you cannot rely on them.

Empathy is crucial for attorneys, as they keep the client’s interest at heart and develop the best defense for favorable terms.


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A good lawyer should be creative in their case or argument. Creativity is required for identifying arguments, solving cases, and coming up with the best solutions. All lawyers should think outside the box, a move that puts them ahead of their competitors.

Finally, a good lawyer should have excellent communication skills. Communication is the backbone of this profession, and you should avoid working with non-responsive individuals. Remember, communication will let you know how fast this individual will reach back to you, among others.

Final Thoughts

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Lawyers practice law and are important people in society. The above article has discussed choosing the best lawyer, and you can reach out for more details.